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Dr. Ava L. McCall



American Indian Studies Program


The American Indian Studies Program at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction exists primarily to assist with the implementation of the curricular requirements in the areas of American Indian history, culture, and tribal sovereignty.


Census in Schools


The Census in Schools program promotes data literacy and increases awareness of Census Bureau products and activities by providing educators with teaching tools, resource materials, workshops, and other professional development opportunities.




The National Council on Economic Education source of classroom tested, Internet-based economic lesson materials for K-12 teachers and their students.


Fair Trade Solution


This web site promotes justice and environmental sustainability for coffee farming communities everywhere. It is sponsored by Co-op America, a membership organization of consumers, investors, businesses, and communities that work together to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable economy.


Free The Children


The web site provides background information on the Free the Children organization, founded by Craig Kielburger and his friends in Canada when 12-year-old Craig became aware of the problems of child labor. The organization is dedicated to ending poverty, exploitation, and abuse among children and offering children a voice in solving these problems. The web site offers actions children and youth can take to inform others about children’s rights issues and specific projects children and youth can become involved in to address the problems of child labor and child poverty in different parts of the world.




GoodWeave works to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry and to offer educational opportunities to children in South Asia.


International Education and Resource Network


This site offers projects that teachers and students can tackle with the interaction of other classrooms around the world.


Kids and Democracy


The PBS Kids Democracy Project site can be a useful, fun addition to your classroom during the election year and beyond. The activities and lesson plans you see on the site have been designed with the following goals in mind: (1) introducing the structure and duties of local, state and federal government; (2) understanding how government affects our everyday lives, through laws, institutions and services provided in the community; (3) identifying the duties of the U.S. president and thinking critically about the skills necessary to be a good president; and (4) understanding the history of voting rights in America, and articulating how voting and other forms of civic involvement are essential to a healthy democracy. The online activities are designed for students in grades three to six, with accompanying lesson plans for language arts (LA), social studies (SS), and math (M) teachers.


Lest We Forget


Our agenda is simple. The contributors and I offer you the history, culture, preservation efforts, and current events of African-Americans, other ethnic, non-ethnic groups and individuals. We focus on and emphasize their sacrifices, relationships, interactions, patriotism as well as their contributions to the growth and development of this great nation.


National Geographic: Education


This web site is offers teachers lesson plans, online adventures, maps and geography, and educational materials for use in the classroom.


National Labor Committee


The National Labor Committee (NLC) is a human rights advocacy group, dedicated to promoting and defending the rights of workers. Through establishing long standing working relationships with non-governmental, human rights, labor and religious organizations, primarily in Latin America, the NLC puts a human face on the global economy. The NLC educates and actively involves the public in actions aimed at ending labor abuses, improving living conditions for workers and their families and promoting the concept of a living wage and true independent monitoring.




Oyate is a Native organization working to see that lives and histories are portrayed honestly. Its work includes evaluation of texts, resource materials and fiction by and about Native peoples; conducting of teacher workshops, in which participants learn to evaluate children's material for anti-Indian biases; administration of a small resource center and library; and distribution of children's, young adult, and teacher books and materials, with an emphasis on writing and illustration by Native people.


Responsible Shopper


At this web site you can discover the good, the bad and the ugly behind the products you buy everyday — from clothing to shoes to toothpaste. It is sponsored by Co-op America, a membership organization of consumers, investors, businesses, and communities that work together to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable economy.


Teaching Tolerance


This site is primarily a teacher resource, designed to help teachers teach about tolerance.


UNICEF Voices of Youth


Voices of Youth has been developed as part of UNICEF's 50th Anniversary celebration. Through Voices of Youth, you can take part in an electronic discussion about the future as we face the 21st century. UNICEF invites you to discuss how this world can become a place where the rights of every child are protected, that is, the right to live in peace, to have decent shelter, to be healthy and well-nourished, to have clean water, to play, to go to school, and to be protected from violence, abuse and exploitation.


UW Oshkosh EMC Social Studies Lesson Plans


The library staff at UW Oshkosh maintains this list of links to over 15 sites.


Serving a variety of needs, the plans include a wide range of teaching strategies. The assessment component of each lesson focuses on the knowledge and skills that students will use to answer a guiding geographic question as they address real-world issues.



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