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  1. Welcome to the Assessment Seminar! Please sit with your teaching partner and other students teaching the same or similar grade levels

  2. Any questions about what to bring to last class on May 13 (section 2) or May 15 (section 1)?

  3. Review of Week

  4. Check what you have written for these components of the curriculum unit. What questions do you have for completing these components of the curriculum unit?

  5. 4. Knowledge of Students to Inform Teaching

  6. Bromley, K. (2007). Nine things every teacher should know about words and vocabulary instruction. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 50(7), 528- 537.

  7. 5. Supporting students' social studies learning: Additional ideas if you are integrating literacy with social studies

  8. 6. Monitoring Student Learning Purpose: How assessment and differentiated assessment strategies provided evidence of student learning

  9. 6. Monitoring Student Learning

  10. 6. Monitoring Student Learning

  11. 6. Monitoring Student Learning Class Discussion

  12. 7. Analyzing Student Learning Purpose: To describe patterns in student learning

  13. 7. Analyzing Student Learning

  14. 7. Analyzing Student Learning

  15. 8. Using Assessment to Inform Instruction Purpose: To decide on next steps for instruction

  16. 8. Using Assessment to Inform Instruction

  17. 8. Using Assessment to Inform Instruction

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