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  1. Mark Waggoner and his students examine old photographs of the first Elmore School.

  2. Mark introduces his students to Andrew E. Elmore's photograph and questions if the elder Elmore is the school's namesake.

  3. Mark explains what information students should find about their relatives from the 1930 census.

  4. One of Mark's student's work showing 1930 census data from and the student's record of important ideas about their ancestor on the "1930 US Federal Census" form.

  5. A photograph of the first Elmore School built in 1898.

  6. Deborah Anderson, Director of the Archives Research Center at UW Green Bay, shows Mark's students documents about the Elmore family housed at the center.

  7. One of Mark's students records dates and events from Andrew E. Elmore's life using the TimeLiner computer program in the school's computer lab.

  8. Mark and his students read a newspaper article about the Elmore family from the State Historical Society's Digital Library Archives web site; then they record important ideas about the family from the article.

  9. Mark is the primary author for Learning About Wisconsin.

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