Resources For Teaching Fourth Grade Wisconsin Geography and History


Dr. Ava L. McCall

1. Wisconsin Geography

            A. Five Geographic Regions Graphic Organizer

            B. Unit 1 Wisconsin Geography Resources

            C. Visual Images of Five Geographic Regions

            D. Discussion about Glacier Videos

            E. Images of Driftless Area of Wisconsin

2. Wisconsin First People

            A. Wisconsin First Peoples Resources

            B. Changes Among Early Wisconsin Peoples Over Time

            C. Wisconsin Early Peoples Graphic Organizer

3. Wisconsin Early Explorers, Fur Trade, Lead Mining

            A. Lead Mining in Wisconsin

            B. Lead Mining Inquiry

            C. Map of Exploration by Water

            D. Simple Ho-Chunk Book

            E. Simple Menominee Book

            F. Simple Ojibwe Book

            G. Simple Oneida Book

            H. Simple Potawatomi Book

            I. Simple Stockbridge-Munsee Book

            J. The Fur Trade in Wisconsin

            K. Wisconsin Fur Trade Impact

            L. Wisconsin Lead Mining Impact

            M. Early Explorers Inquiry

4. Wisconsin Territory and Statehood

            A. What Caused the Black Hawk War?

            B. Oshkosh and Wisconsin Government Leaders

            C. Should Wisconsin Remain a Territory or Become a State

            D. What are your Rights and Responsibilities

            E. What is the Difference Between Public and Private Goods and Services

            F. Why Do We Have Federal, State, and Local Government

            G. Wisconsin Territory and State Role Play

            H. 3 Branches of Government Sort

            I. Concepts of Freedom, Democracy, Justice

            J. How a Bill Becomes a Law in Wisconsin (Reader’s Theater)

            K. How a Bill Becomes a Law Role Play

            L. Journey to Statehood Inquiry

            M. Wisconsin State Government Graphic Organizer

            N. Wisconsin Statehood and Government Review 

5. Wisconsin Immigration

            A. Background Information on How Immigrants Changed Wisconsin

            B. How Did Immigrants Change Wisconsin

            C. Immigrate-Emigrate Handout